Wild Alaska Herbal CSA

I’m starting an Herbal CSA in May! The herbal CSA is based on the Community Supported Agriculture model, but instead of Alaska grown vegetables, you get wild Alaskan plants harvested and made into medicine by an Alaskan grown herbalist.

With Community Supported Herbalism you’ll be building your supply of herbal medicines and learning more about local plants while supporting my skills and deepening connection with the plants and land (which means I’ll be able to offer even more free educational stuff).

What do I get?

Three herbal medicines per month, starting in May. Typically 4 oz salves, vinegars, and elixers or 2 oz oils and tinctures. Plants are 90% wild, 5% grown by me, and 5% simple grocery store plants like garlic. Honey and beeswax are local, olive oil is organic, and vinegar and brandy are from Freddies.

For example, the first month will probably be poplar salve/balm of gilead, birch elixer, and horsetail vinegar.

PLUS every month you get a newsletter type thing telling you all about the medicines you’ve received and how to use them.

PLUS if you pay for the year in advance you’ll get one short health consultation by email or in real life (of course I’m always happy to answer quick questions about the plants even if you’re not an Herbal CSA member).

How do I get it?

If you live in Nenana I’ll deliver it to your house! In Fairbanks you can pick it up once a month. If you live elsewhere in the USA I’ll mail it to you.

What kind of herbalist are you, anyways?

Thanks for asking! I’m most strongly drawn to the wise woman and folk traditions of herbalism. That means most of the things I make you will have only 1-3 herbal ingredients and focus on supporting your body’s natural healing abilities.

Do I have to commit to a whole year?

Yes. I understand sometimes things happen, and you can cancel your membership anytime, but I’m making a yearlong commitment to you and I’d like you to do the same. If you pay for the whole year now, you get a big discount.

Can I sign up later?

Maybe! I’m going to cut it off at 30 people, or at the end of April.

Wow, sign me up!

Cool! Click on the appropriate button below. When you’re all signed up feel free to send me an email (wildalaskaplantmedicine at gmail dot com) introducing yourself – I’ll use it to customize things a little bit.

(Sorry, CSA is full.)

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